Watch the Stanley Cup get the 'SNL' treatment as a 'Big Dumb Cup'

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For those who spell to Target "every damn day."

You cognize thing has reached its taste highest erstwhile it's spoofed connected Saturday Night Live and past night, nan Stanley Cup had its moment.

Host Dakota Johnson alongside formed members Chloe Fineman and Heidi Gardner play "virgins who besides person six kids" and walk a batch of clip astatine Target. You whitethorn retrieve nan "Big Dumb Hat" sketch from an earlier season, but this clip it's each astir nan "Big Dumb Cup" arsenic nan eventual TikTok-famous accessory.

But nan Big Dumb Cup isn't conscionable a $60 position awesome (the existent Stanley Cup retails astatine $45). It tin do truthful overmuch much for illustration clasp an full vessel of Josh wine and beryllium utilized arsenic an air-fryer. Watch nan sketch to find out.

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