'Renegade Nell' review: All hail Louisa Harland's highwaywoman!

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The "Derry Girls" prima slays successful this caller show from "Happy Valley" creator Sally Wainwright.

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A young female successful a agelong overgarment and tricorn chapeau stands successful beforehand of a gilded carriage.

Louisa Harland successful "Renegade Nell." Credit: Robert Viglasky / Disney

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My guidance to Renegade Nell, successful 1 word? Delight.

The caller fantasy/adventure bid from Happy Valley creator Sally Wainwright punches done Disney+'s much franchise-focused TV offerings, opinionated and delivering an original play portion that is oodles of fun. Thanks to its remixes of British folklore and history, arsenic good arsenic a prima move from Derry Girls' Louisa Harland, Renegade Nell proves to beryllium arsenic fierce and funny arsenic its highwaywoman heroine.

What's Renegade Nell about?

Three young women beryllium connected apical of a carriage.

Bo Bragason, Florence Keen, and Louisa Harland successful "Renegade Nell." Credit: Rekha Garton / Disney

That heroine is precocious widowed worker Nell Jackson (Harland), returning location aft a stint astatine war. While nan show will spot her emergence to notoriety arsenic a feared road robber, she surely didn't group retired to unrecorded a criminal life. In fact, Renegade Nell's opening segment sees her taking down a full group of highwaymen successful badass fashion. She's throwing lightning-fast punches, tossing grown men speech for illustration they measurement nothing, and moreover deflecting bullets pinch her bare hands.

If immoderate of that sounds unusual aliases moreover supernatural to you, you'd beryllium right. Nell is really nether nan surveillance of Billy Blind (Ted Lasso's Nick Mohammed), a winged tone who flies into Nell's rima whenever she's successful threat and gifts her heightened spot and speed. Billy believes he's been sent to protect Nell because she's meant to execute awesome things. What awesome things? Neither knows for sure.

Before Nell tin afloat process why she has a sidekick consecutive retired of a fairy tale, she's framed for nan execution of a lord and forced to spell connected nan tally pinch her younger sisters, Roxy (Bo Bragason) and George (Florence Keen). With nan rule turned against her and acheronian magical forces nipping astatine her heels, Nell will person to trust connected her speedy wits, her friends and family, and her newfound powers to clear her name. She'll besides origin immoderate good, old-fashioned disruption on nan way.

Renegade Nell is a rollicking (if overstuffed) imagination romp.

Five young men and women successful elaborate 18th period English clothing cheque into an inn.

Bo Bragason, Ényì Okoronkwo, Frank Dillane, Louisa Harland, and Florence Keen successful "Renegade Nell." Credit: Robert Viglasky / Disney

In summation to Nell's attempts to beryllium her innocence, Renegade Nell has a number of subplots successful play that introduces a formed of colorful characters. There's nan sinister Earl of Poynton (Adrian Lester), who recruits noble siblings Sofia Wilmot (Alice Kremelberg) and Thomas Blancheford (Jake Dunn) — whose begetter Nell is suspected of sidesplitting — into a crippled that would wreak havoc crossed England. Roxy strikes up a saccharine narration pinch nan Blanchefords' erstwhile stableboy, Rasselas (Ényì Okoronkwo), who reveals his past arsenic a enslaved taken from Benin. And successful nan precocious crusts of society, nan tabloid mogul (and immaculately named) Lady Eularia Moggerhangar (Joely Richardson) hopes to profit disconnected Nell successful immoderate measurement she can.

In its attempts to juggle each this material, successful summation to nan supernatural Billy Blind arc, Renegade Nell can occasionally consciousness unfocused. But moreover so, there's thing charming successful nan measurement it throws everything from magic to philharmonic numbers astatine nan wall. The building "something for everyone" rings particularly existent here.

Love humanities TV shows? Feast your eyes connected Renegade Nell's return connected 18th period England and each that entails — royal intrigue, wigs galore, and applicable sets that consciousness refreshingly tactile erstwhile compared to different Disney+ shows' overuse of integer backgrounds. Looking for thing that will play good pinch kids and adults alike? Renegade Nell's levels of unit and magic are perfectly suited for younger audiences, while still aggravated capable to thrill action-lovers. (Notably, stunt coordinator James Embree was Daniel Craig's double connected Spectre and No Time to Die.) Plus, viewers of each ages tin admit Renegade Nell's attraction connected nan struggle betwixt nan haves and nan have-nots, and connected Nell and Billy's consequent attempts to make a existent alteration — moreover if these themes of people struggle do get mislaid somewhat successful an action-packed finale.

Louisa Harland proves she's a prima successful Renegade Nell.

A young female successful a clone mustache and tricorn chapeau peers done a curtain.

Louisa Harland successful "Renegade Nell." Credit: Rekha Garton / Disney

The glue holding each of Renegade Nell's madcap nosy together is nary different than Harland, who's proven her comedic chops clip and clip again successful Derry Girls. Here, she gets to unleash her afloat powerfulness arsenic a starring lady.

Harland makes a repast retired of Renegade Nell's often laugh-out-loud dialogue, pinch animated expressions that move truthful perfectly connected a dime that I often had to rewind statement deliveries to return successful each facet of her performance. In nan show's devilishly nosy conflict sequences, she commits to nan action for illustration a demon unleashed — fitting, fixed Billy Blind's magical involvement. There's nary stopping her magnetic, swashbuckling hijinks, to nan constituent that it's only inevitable that astatine slightest 1 of her road robbery "victims" becomes enamored of her.

Harland besides has crackling chemistry pinch everyone successful Renegade Nell. At times, she's a caring large sister to Roxy and George. At others, she becomes a reluctant partner to group she'd alternatively time off behind, specified arsenic Rasselas aliases dandy-turned-highwayman Charles Devereux (Frank Dillane). Her move pinch nan second is peculiarly scream-worthy: The 2 waste and acquisition barbed insults and threats, yet they ever travel backmost to prevention each other's skin. Dillane often plays Devereux arsenic endearingly pathetic, which makes it each nan amended erstwhile he is flooded pinch astonishment and elation by Nell's sheer boldness. Yes, everyone should be this excited to spot Nell successful action — and nan aforesaid goes for Renegade Nell as a whole.

Renegade Nell is now streaming connected Disney+.

A female successful a achromatic sweater pinch shoulder-length brownish hair.

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