Google's Bard Advanced is getting a subscription paywall soon

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Sorry, this premium AI acquisition is gonna costs immoderate money.

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Google is giving its Bard AI chatbot nan premium subscription curen à la OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus.

The tech elephantine announced Tuesday successful a Q4 net call that it plans to fastener nan precocious announced Bard Advanced down a subscription model. There were nary talks astir costs aliases a merchandise date, but Bard successful its existent shape is disposable to users for free, compared to nan $20 per period it costs to usage ChatGPT-4 pinch a Plus subscription.

According to Google, Bard Advanced is designed to beryllium much "complex" and person "better responses." It will beryllium powered by nan soon-to-be-released Gemini Ultra, Google's multimodal ample connection model, which is group for an "early 2024" release. Bard is presently moving connected Gemini Pro, which is meant to compete pinch GPT-3.5, pinch Ultra touted by Google arsenic a exemplary that will compete with, and successful immoderate cases moreover surpass, GPT-4.

Based connected nan hype Google is drumming up for Gemini Ultra, it's speculated that users tin expect to salary a akin value to OpenAI's premium tier for a chance to usage this precocious generative AI.

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