Get a refurbished iPad Pro for $165.97

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TL;DR: Through February 4, get this refurbished iPad Pro for only $165.97 — it's usually $599.

Not everyone needs an iPad that tin afloat switch their laptop aliases desktop. If you're Valentine's Day shopping for personification who conscionable wants a lightweight instrumentality for browsing societal media, streaming movies, aliases traveling, refurbished could beryllium a overmuch cheaper action that doesn't battalion much powerfulness than you need. 

This refurbished iPad only has insignificant cosmetic signs of use, and it moreover comes pinch a case, surface protector, and Lightning Cable. All that is marked down for Valentine's Day from $599 to $165.97. No coupon needed. 

A budget-friendly gift for Apple lovers

This refurbished iPad Pro has a sleek design, 32GB of soul storage, and a stunning 9.7-inch Retina display. That operation of hardware could beryllium awesome for streaming, browsing, aliases moreover staying connected while you're walking nan globe. This tablet has a 12MP iSight rear camera and a 5MP FaceTime HD beforehand camera. Frequent travelers could threat photos of their adventures aliases FaceTime pinch family backmost home. 

Between nan Apple A9X processor and 2GB of RAM, this exemplary twelvemonth 2016 iPad could beryllium equipped to grip a assortment of tasks, moreover ray productivity apps. Or if your loved 1 conscionable wants to watercourse a movie, they tin usage nan built-in speakers aliases link wireless headphones pinch Bluetooth. They could marathon a fewer flicks pinch a artillery that whitethorn past up to 10 hours afloat charged, and a cablegram is moreover included on pinch a snap-on lawsuit and tempered solid surface protector. 

Save connected an iPad refurb for Valentine's Day

Instead of breaking nan slope and grabbing a brand-new iPad for Valentine's Day, spell for a refurbished tablet that could still beryllium a awesome lucifer for casual browsing, streaming, and more. 

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Until February 4 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT, you tin get this refurbished 32GB iPad Pro for $165.97. 

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