Every 'True Detective: Night Country' opening credits clue you may have missed

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True Detective has ever been a show afloat of unusual symbols and half-hidden clues, and Night Country is nary exception.

Putting speech nan spirals and nan Lost-style polar carnivore sightings, though, there's that Billie Eilish-backed opening sequence. As ever pinch Nic Pizzolatto's show, nan opener features a jumble of imagery that's applicable to nan series, this clip themed astir an appropriately acheronian and snowy thrust on a agrarian roadworthy arsenic Eilish's 2019 atmospheric deed "bury a friend" plays.

So, while we're reasoning complete our post-ep burning questions, let's break down those images. What glimpses do we get successful those 90 seconds, and really mightiness they beryllium applicable to nan story?

True Detective: Night Country's opening sequence: Possible clues

A afloat bathtub

This is nan first point we spot astatine nan broadside of that snowy road, and it's sewage a acheronian liquid sloshing astir wrong it. Water aliases blood? Like galore of nan things connected this list, it's tricky to cognize if nan tub is simply a motion of thing to travel – does personification dice successful a bath, for instance? – aliases conscionable a metaphor for something.

An orange

There's an orangish rolling on nan road! That's a spot odd, isn't it? The aforesaid orangish pops backmost up successful peel shape later connected successful nan sequence, floating underwater. In section 3, Navarro picks up an orangish that's been discarded by 1 of nan locals recruited to hunt for Clark. Later nan orangish rolls backmost to her and she hears a sound saying "help us". We're filing this 1 nether "may beryllium important further down nan line."

A stuffed polar carnivore pinch 1 oculus sitting connected a rocking chair, and a existent polar carnivore pinch 1 eye

One-eyed polar bears are a spot of a taxable here, aren't they? In section 1, Chief Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) finds a stuffed artifact type successful her location that she seems to link pinch an unsettling memory, while Detective Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) sees a real-looking polar carnivore while driving done town. You tin spot some successful nan opening credits.

Dead, stiff figures emerging from nan ice

These are nan dormant figures we glimpse astatine nan extremity of nan first episode, which dress up nan corpsicle Danvers and serviceman Peter Prior (Finn Bennett) are tasked pinch excavating from nan ice. Yep, it's nan squad of missing scientists from nan Tsalal Arctic Research Station, successful a elephantine stiff tangle.

A Tsalal Arctic Research Station motion reference "operation successful progress"

Tsalal is nan show's first main mounting — nan spot wherever Danvers originates her investigation into nan missing scientists. The bid chiefly takes spot astir nan fictional Alaskan municipality of Ennis, but nan investigation station's mention successful nan main credits (plus nan truth nan position itself is shown) intends it has a larger portion to play.

Two detectives guidelines successful a acheronian room.

Nothing creepier than an abandoned investigation station. Credit: Michele K. Short/HBO

A female sinking nether nan ice

Foreshadowing for thing that will hap successful nan show, aliases conscionable a metaphor? Tricky to opportunity astatine this stage, but we tin hazard a conjecture arsenic to who nan female is — she's wearing a overgarment pinch an APF (Alaska Police Force) spot connected nan shoulder, truthful it seems apt she's pinch nan police. Danvers?

A cervid skull floating underwater

Could this beryllium a reference to nan mediocre animals that spell thundering disconnected nan separator of that crystal cliff successful section 1's very first scene, seemingly driven to madness by the oncoming agelong night?

Bloody apparel connected a washing line

It's difficult to opportunity precisely what this image means, but washing bloody apparel could beryllium a reference to trying to cleanable up a crime scene.

A smashed car windscreen

We spot a little changeable done a splintered windscreen of a location pinch a car beside it. There's not overmuch we tin glean from nan house, but nan surgery windscreen could beryllium significant. Will 1 of nan characters get successful a car mishap connected nan snowy roads? Or person they had an mishap successful nan past?

Lots of tubes stacked connected shelves

These are nan cylindrical tubes that Danvers finds astatine nan investigation position successful section 1. Geology coach Bryce (Donnie Keshawarz) tells nan constabulary main successful section 2 nan scientists were utilizing ice coring trying to series nan DNA from an extinct microorganism that could perchance extremity cellular decay. Bryce explains nan task was highly difficult owed to myriad factors including nan extraction process. Perhaps nan investigation being undertaken by nan scientists will beryllium important down nan line?

Grave markers

Shortly aft nan grounds tubes we spot aggregate crucifixes pinch dates marked connected each. These are presumably graves, but nan existent striking item is nan date: Each transverse is marked pinch nan twelvemonth 2023.

A protestation sign

We spot a little glimpse of 2 protestation signs successful 1 shot, and nan building "protect our water" is clear connected one. Ennis is intelligibly successful nan midst of an biology struggle. In section 3, we spot activists gathering to denote nan news of different stillbirth.

A constabulary serviceman stands successful a laboratory.

The laboratory is simply a cardinal location. Credit: Michele K. Short/HBO

A laboratory

Presumably this is portion of nan Tsalal Arctic Research Station.

A curved archway connected nan broadside of nan road

Are those...bones?

A deer

There's a cervid pinch glowing eyes! Could this beryllium nan surviving type of nan mediocre beast whose remains are floating underwater?

A information hatch floating underwater

No idea, but it seems apt this is connected to nan investigation station.

The last framework of nan opening credits changes each episode

Wait, that past framework wasn't nan aforesaid ending arsenic nan first episode! We're reasoning nan past image successful nan True Detective: Night Country opening credits changes each section to uncover a important location for nan coming episode. We're search them each here:

Episode 1: The wrong of an crystal cave

One of nan last shots is simply a speedy travel done an icy, underground tunnel, shown aft a speedy flash of skeletons embedded successful nan ice. A existent location successful nan show, aliases conscionable an atmospheric search shot? At nan extremity of section 3 we spot a video of Annie's last moments, and she appears to beryllium successful an underground crystal cave — truthful it seems for illustration this icy passageway from nan section 1 credits whitethorn wherever she was killed.

Episode 2: A creepy shrine-like wall of photos and lights

At nan extremity of section 2, Danvers and Navarro find their measurement to missing intelligence Raymond Clark's creepy trailer (which you tin besides spot nan exterior of successful nan opening credits), which is filled pinch cloth weavings, a full wall of reddish yarn and photographs, and a giant spiral connected nan ceiling. Pictured astatine nan extremity of nan section 2 opening credits, it's a beautiful important finding, arsenic Danvers and Navarro now judge Clark, who is missing from nan corpsicle, to beryllium live and connected pinch Annie.

Episode 3: A sportfishing hut connected nan ice.

The feline Navarro is seeing successful nan show, Eddie Qavvik (Joel D Montgrand), has a sportfishing hut retired connected nan crystal — a bluish location pinch reddish trim and a wreath. This is nan location we spot successful nan last changeable of nan section 3 opening credits. Will it beryllium important further down nan line?

How to watch: True Detective airs Sunday nights connected HBO/Max astatine 9 p.m ET/PT.

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