Apple Vision Pro: Watch these 3 Tesla drivers use it in the wild

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Apparently, nan Vision Pro tin double arsenic a cardinal for one's Tesla.

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Apple Vision Pro and Cybertruck concept

Apple Vision Pro-wearing Tesla drivers are making a scatter connected nan internet. Credit: Mike Mareen / AdriaVidal / Shutterstock

From this feline wearing an Apple Vision Pro connected nan NYC subway to this gym attendee strapping it connected while utilizing nan treadmill, in-the-wild societal media videos of Apple's caller headset person been nuts.

What's moreover much absorbing is really galore videos we've seen of Tesla drivers utilizing nan recently launched $3,500 headset. We're not judge why Tesla-and-Vision Pro combo videos are climbing successful popularity, but we thought we'd fto you spot them for yourself.

1. Apple Vision Pro doubles arsenic a cardinal for Tesla vehicles?

In 1 video posted by @iCaleb7, an Apple Vision Pro personification is seen approaching what appears to beryllium a reddish Tesla Model S.

Tweet whitethorn person been deleted

Showing what he's seeing wrong nan Vision Pro, nan in-headset signaling reveals a floating UI that lets nan Vision Pro wearer power their Tesla. The driver is seen popping unfastened nan trunk by simply pinching his fingers.

"Tesla app useful pinch Apple Vision Pro and it tin go a telephone key," Caleb said successful an X post.

2. Driving a Tesla pinch an Apple Vision Pro?

Dante Lentini went viral for driving his Tesla pinch an Apple Vision Pro strapped connected his look earlier seemingly getting pulled complete by rule enforcement.

Tweet whitethorn person been deleted

As it turns out, according to Gizmodo, nary of it is real. It's a skit. Lentini told Gizmodo that he was only driving for 30 to 40 seconds pinch nan Vision Pro headset.

Plus, he staged his car adjacent to immoderate unrelated constabulary activity, making it look for illustration he fell into immoderate superior problem owed to wearing nan head-mounted display.

3. Apple Vision Pro and Cybertruck drivers

Vision Pro and Cybertruck are arguably nan astir futuristically quirky products to travel retired of Apple and Tesla, respectively, and we've been seeing some of them together crossed nan societal media landscape.

In a video that has garnered 17.2 cardinal views to date, a Cybertruck driver is spotted wearing an Apple Vision Pro while driving.

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"We're truthful fucked," said @blakestonks, nan X personification who posted nan video.

“Never usage Apple Vision Pro while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, dense machinery, aliases successful immoderate different situations requiring attraction to safety,” Apple stated successful a safety accusation memo. And yet, Vision Pro users don't look to beryllium listening to nan Cupertino-based tech giant's guidance.

@TheGrizz_ posted a troll video connected Instagram of himself exiting a Cybertruck and imitating nan funky gestures 1 needs to navigate nan VisionOS UI. "What is incorrect pinch this generation..." his caption asked successful jest.

Tweet whitethorn person been deleted

Granted, astir of nan videos you spot connected nan net are staged. But among nan fewer that are real, I can't thief but wonder, Is this really our future?

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