Apple Vision Pro: 5 tweets that show it’s a game-changing headset

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People tin yet bargain Apple Vision Pro.

With Apple's fancy caller headset making its measurement into consumers' hands, each sorts of nosy usage cases are popping up online. You tin find galore of them connected X (formerly Twitter), wherever group sharing nan various activities 1 tin do pinch Vision Pro that wouldn't needfully beryllium imaginable pinch different Apple merchandise — aliases moreover different headset.

Here are immoderate of nan coolest Vision Pro uses we've seen.

Apple Vision Pro: 5 cool things you tin do pinch it

1. Watch sports

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Hardcore sports fans understand nan symptom of not being capable to easy watch aggregate games astatine nan aforesaid time. We've each had to look astatine a laptop and a TV simultaneously. It's not ideal, but that's why Apple Vision Pro's NBA League Pass app seems to beryllium nan cleanable (if a small expensive) solution.

As shown successful YouTuber Brian Tong's video review, you tin person aggregate crippled feeds up astatine erstwhile projected correct successful beforehand of you — each while monitoring things for illustration subordinate stats connected nan side. I'm a large proponent of sitting connected nan sofa and watching TV, but my TV can't do that.

2. Eat

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Inverse tech newsman and Mashable alum Ray Wong posted this video showcasing a elemental usage lawsuit for nan Vision Pro that I hadn't considered before: Using nan instrumentality while eating. Specifically, you tin chow down connected digit foods and still navigate nan Vision Pro UI because, well, you're not really rubbing anything. There's nary threat of smearing grease connected a surface aliases a controller here.

3. Make a small feline skateboard connected your appliances

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Rodney Mullen's Skatrix is an AR app that lets you play a small skateboarding crippled connected apical of, well, immoderate you've sewage lying around. The video does a overmuch amended occupation of showing disconnected really cool that is than I ever could. Just click play.

4. Plan your meals

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The look organizing and meal-planning app Crouton has a Vision Pro larboard that seems beautiful useful for folks who are into culinary arts.

You tin shape your meals complete nan people of a week, spot virtual timers anyplace successful your environment, and moreover usage a virtual "size guide" to find retired really large thing will beryllium connected your room countertop. Even if it's not nan early of each nutrient preparation, it does look benignant of convenient and cool.

5. Keep a virtual pet

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Lastly, nan app Wisp World lets you support a tiny small wood sprite connected your table (or anyplace else). You tin simply look astatine and respect it, aliases interact pinch it. It's fundamentally for illustration a houseplant, but cooler. This 1 isn't rather arsenic revolutionary arsenic immoderate of nan different applications connected this list, but looks beautiful entertaining, if thing else.

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